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Welcome to the Games Park Central Lobby. There have been a lot of changes recently. GamesPark now lets you quickly find another player and begin a game.

Have a question? Check out one of these help pages
(They will open in a new window):

  • Games Park FAQ Page for information you should know before playing and chat room rules.
  • Games Park Help Page for questions about the game lobby, connections and general problems.
  • Chess Help
  • Checkers Help
  • Backgammon Help
  • Think Ahead Help
  • Word Rush Help
  • Reversi Help
  • Four-In-A-Row Help
  • Sea Battle Help
  • Match Up Help

  • Chat rules: DO NOT give out any personal information, such as your last name, location, or email address. Do not assume that people are who they say they are. When you enter the lobby, you are given a choice as to whether you want to send and receive chat messages. Children and concerned adults should turn chatting off to avoid bad language. To find out more, check out the FAQ and help pages. For more information about chat room and Internet safety, check out GetNetWise, NetParents, or SmartParent