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.םידוהי אבחרמ
יזר'ג וינב םש יא - תוליגרנ הללובא לש ל"וחה תייזיוויד תא ריכהל אנ
םיחדקא שי ב"הראב םנמא ?המל .תחת סאבתמו ץכ םעונ ול בשוי הקוחרה
לבא ,תוקספהב םיעטק םיצירמו המורע תכלוה סריפס ינטירב ,רפס-יתבב
.הלאה םיקקירמאה לש עטקה אל הז הליגרנ ,תושעל המ

ורופיס תא ךופשי הב ,רקיה םעונל המב םינתונ תוליגרנ הללובא ,הרקמ לכב
.םורופב ביגהל םינמזומ םתא .שגרמה

םכל שי םא .בתוכה תשודק לע רומשל ידכ ,תילגנאב אוה טסקטה :הרעה
.CANDY CAN DO IT תוארל וכל ,תויעב

Dear Nargila people!

My Name Is Noam And I'm Addicted to your homepage.

as you asked from me, i will specify the certin cultural effects and differences in smoking nargila abroad.... Within the small israeli community here in Tenafly New Jeresy, nargila is a very popular attraction, and is smoked on a daily basis. indeed it is hard living in a country where u are under siege when it comes to materials for the smokage of nargila, yet there are a few good and pure souls that manage to smugle our beloved tobbaco and coals under the inspecting and awefull eye of the terrible beast.... the US customs.

That's it for the addicted isralies, but wait, what about the poor Americans? that my friends is a different story... When an avarage American first lays eyes on a nargila, he sees only the shell, only the outside appearence, he sees only a huge Bang... and for certin, the first sentance that will leave the american's mouth will be "Woooooow! can u put weed in it???" and i had to rejecet these poor souls time after time. BUT! we are the missionaries of Nargila in the states and we are slowly, yet surely turnning Americans in their thought process about nargila. we explain tio them the cultural importance of sitting around the nargila and discussing important subjects of conversation such as picking you'r nose or scratching you'r nuts (not with the hand that the nargila is smoked with, god forbbied!!!) In Tenafly most of the Americans have gotten to recognize a nargila when they see one, they have learned to embrace it with love and care, and they learned damn well that it is the center of every party and occasion. included in here is the picture of the loved ,cared, pleased, and smoked nargila, my own little hubbley bubbley, BIG BERTHA...


P.S, For all smokers in the New York area, you can get coals for the nargila at Astoria, Queens. got to 31st street on Astoria Blvd and look for a shop called Titan Foods, it's greek it's good and it sells nargila stuff!

Tobbaco is available at Paterson NJ, although it is not reccomended for israelies to go in there right because if the high concentration of Palestinians. i have seen with my eyes signs that to are'nt exactly pro-israel...

Smoke till' u lose you'r breath!


!םורופל וכל ?םתשגרתה

!ליימ-יאב ונל ונת ?לווע םכל םרגנו ל"וחב םירג םתא םג





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